Monday, June 1, 2009

A Punish

Colin and I were driving home from a little shopping excursion after church on Sunday. While on this excursion, he ate an entire apple, many many gold fish, and some gum I think. By the time we were almost home, I was really hungry and I figured Colin was a little hungry but not starved due to the snackage he had consumed. 

As I've mentioned, there's a McDonald's on the way home. We pass by. I had no intention of stopping. We're past the entrance. We turn onto the next street and the following conversation takes place: 

Colin: Mom, can we go to McDonald's? 
Me: No. We've already passed it. I want to go home. 
Colin: You could turn around. 
Me: Not today Buddy. 
pause pause
Colin: How about this for a punish? If you don't turn around and go back to McDonald's you can't have lunch ever again!

We did not turn around. I did have lunch. Colin ate at home. How about this for a punish, indeed.

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Heidi said...

Colin sounds like quite the little man - I love the way his little mind works!