Sunday, September 23, 2007

This That and The Other

September has turned into a bit of a travel month for Cunninghams. Colin and I went to New Mexico for our annual salsa making trip. Mom's garden was extremely productive and she had tomatoes and chilis to give away. She had already made 22 cases (12 jars/case) before I got there. I made 6 more cases and also canned tomatoes, green chili, jalepinos, and peach butter. We had quite the pantry in the back of the car. I was a little worried going back across the border. The patrolman asked me if I had any fruit, plants w/ seeds or pets and I just smiled and lied through my teeth. I think he would've had to shoot me to get me to leave my goods there so I weighed the opions: die or lie....I lied. Colin reaccainted w/ my side of the family and had a good time. The weather was perfect. The trip to and from was long but uneventful. Colin was a real trooper and lasted as long as any normal 3 year old would trapped in a seat looking at not much pass by for 900 miles at a time. At either end we were glad to get there. Very glad to finally get home. We missed Daddy.

Then, a few days later I went to Chigago to meet up with some friends for a girl's weekend. That was a nice break from my reality and good to see friends from Dallas. Chigago also had perfect weather. See Jen Smith's blog for all the details.

This week JD's parents are in town and this weekend JD and I are going on a short missions trip to Ensenada, Mexico. I'll take pictures and write an entry for that when we get back.

This week also turned cool here. We've had the doors and windows open letting in the fresh air. It rained here for two days, gave everything a good drink and a good bath. It needed both desperately. It actually felt like fall in the air, which is good because fall is here, I know it is because football is playing on the TV again. I'll have to have any serious conversations with my husband in Feburary....just kidding. TiVo is a beautiful beautiful thing.

Things going well. The weather is perfect....come visit.