Thursday, August 30, 2007

Spiderman 3

Colin has been telling me and anyone else who cared to or dared to ask, "My birthday is Spiderman". And before any of you question my ability to filter good from bad, my child has never even seen a Spiderman cartoon much less a movie. I don't know how he knows that Spiderman is cool, is a hero, or is something that you can plan a party around but he does. He's a boy. He knows. So, being a good mom I wasn't going to let down his expectation of a Spiderman birthday. However, you know that I'm also a closet "slacker mom" and I'm not going to rent a Spiderman actor for the party I don't care how close to Hollywood we are. What I did do was rent a Spiderman bounce house that included a slide. Needless to say, it took up the ENTIRE back yard. The cool thing about that was when it went away we said, "wow, look how big the yard is now." I digress. We bought the Spiderman plates, cups, napkins, etc. from Party City. Luckily, they were all 50% off. When I saw that, I thought my son was brilliant for wanting Spiderman. He did have a small moment of stupidity as he suddenly stopped when he saw Dora and said, "hey this is cool." I sternly said, "Keep moving buddy. Keep movin'." We also ordered the cake with the Spidy action figure and balloons to match the theme. I happend to also sneek a Spiderman action figure into the shopping basket at Target as a gift to top it all off. The action figure is still not wrapped and now, I don't think it's going to have the same "cool" factor it might've at the party. Oh well....slacker mom strikes again.

My son is three. Spiderman came to the party. All is well with the world.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Slip Sliddin'

We finally got grass covering the whole back yard and today JD and Colin took full advantage of the soft foundation to play in the sun. After reading the warnings, "not for children over 7" JD became a big kid and was a great teacher of the slip and slide methods and tricks. Colin slowly and cautiously tried more and more. In the end when the grass was extemely water logged Colin reluctantly agreed to turn it off until tomorrow. Lots of fun and entertainment.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

All Shook Up

So we've experienced our first earthquake in the middle of the night, around 12:58AM on Wednesday. JD and I were shook awake out of a dead sleep. It took only a moment to register that our bed wasn't shaking because we were having "sleepy sex" but instead our house was shaking due to a 4.5 earthquake. It didn't last very long but was rather exciting for us Southwesterners who only are familiar with tornados, hurricanes, flash floods, and twisters. Colin, by the way, slept through the whole thing. The next morning we noticed that the pictures over our bed were slightly crooked but other than that there wasn't any evidence or damage.

In his excitment from the event, JD went to work talking about our first earthquake, he was reminded that earthquakes are not cool and once you've lived through something like the quake in '94, you don't really talk so much about it, instead you are grateful everything is still standing and move along. Also, we were told to take the pictures over our bed off the wall before they fall off the wall and bust our heads open. Duely noted. right? I guess we are real Californians now...or will be as soon as we get our Driver's Licenses anyway.

Still loving Disneyland. Getting all we can out of our season passes.